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ponytail palm trunk soft

Still with everything I read pointing to death i left it alone and it is now August and the plant has numerous little green shoots coming out of areas underneath the rotted top, some even closer to the big bulb at the bottom. The good news is that they don’t need repotting very often because of their slow growth rate. Mine, as you can see below, is much greener & healthier looking. HELP! Pruning and How to Grow Multiple Trunks on a Ponytail Palm. If you don’t have 1 already, why not give 1 a try? and my husband is allergic to bees and wasp should I cut the top of the flowers that are attracting the bees? I thought it was dead, because it got all soft and mushy, so I just tossed the whole pot into the compost pile. I thought I'd wait until nexy December when we're back in Florida and see how close to the tile it is. Grow ponytail palm in bright light for best growth, but it tolerates medium- and low-light spots, as well. Their care outside in containers is a snap. Also, do I need to prune the branches back more with pruning shears? Any hope for resurrection? Just make sure it doesn’t stay too wet or get too much scorching sun. These plants are susceptible to several pests and diseases. A desert plant, ponytail palm is adapted to bright light. 0. If it was not frozen too badly, eventually it will start sprouting. "the top is black"- the picture looks to me like the top was cut off then sealed with horticultural wax. Our Ponytail is an outside plant. As you know fungus can affect the trunk or base root if the wounds are not filled with antifungal powder or spray. His son told him to only water the plant from the basin (i.e. The typical ponytail palm consists of a large, domed “stump,” which tapers off into a thinner stem. The bulb grows as the plant grows so you may have to repot it into a bigger pot at some point just to keep everything in scale. In most cases, a soft bulb is due to over watering. It’s currently growing in a 22″ pot & I won’t repot it again for a very long time if ever. My experience is they will remain viable, but not really make roots. The growers propagate them by seed. In fact, a mature ponytail palm may grow 6-feet wide at the base. I do believe if you just lopped off the top, it would form a new head, or more than one new head... You could try to cut away the soft spot, I'm sure it wouldn't do any harm to try. Sep 12, 2016 - Explore Otto Villalta's board "pony tail palm" on Pinterest. Spring is the best time to divide ponytail palm shoots. Oh how you’ve grown into a fine specimen! This distinct plant brings a little fun to any room in your home. I have a pony-tail palm that has soft, spongy areas on it's bark. A quick-draining soil mix for cacti is a great choice for ponytail palm, or you can incorporate sand or small gravel into regular potting mix to achieve quick drainage. They are not a real tree or real palm, instead, this plant belongs to Agave family and is succulent with a bulbous trunk and long narrow leaves, presented like upright ponytails. Therefore, watering should be moderate during the growth phase. Feb 16, 2020 - Explore Paul Shaw's board "PONY TAIL PALM" on Pinterest. Realistically, many garden and house plants are poisonous to a certain degree, so try not to worry too much. Despite its name and palm-like appearance, the ponytail palm is not a true “palm.” In fact, it is more closely related to desert plants in the Agave and Yucca genera (e.g., Joshua trees).. Fill your basin up with about 3-4″ of water. I love that we are close to whale watching and the San Juan Islands, as well as the mountains. I would like to cut in half our 10 ft high ponytails, could it be done with a chain saw ? My problem is that the root part is soo big and heavy I can not move it but really want to save the plant. So I’m very happy that I just let it be bc it seems to be coming back like never before. The ponytail palm is native to parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. bone dry or soaking wet. The one near the top died and then slowly the two towards the bottom (lost their leaves). Other common … Both have sprouted multiple heads at the top of the trunk. Details B. recurvata is an evergreen perennial to 2m or more, forming a bulbous trunk-like stem bearing a dense rosette of spreading to recurved, sword-shaped leaves to 1m in length. Ponytail Palms grow very slowly. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a96551ca71b46d34827161bd4130ad0a" );document.getElementById("c70fa21d80").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Hi, I’m Nell, and this is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. The plant stores water in its onion-shaped bulbous base (caudex) as well as the trunk (stem). Just a heads up, if you are allergic to bee stings or wasp bites you are more than likely allergic to spider bites. Keep these tips in mind, Be fearless, but follow some basic decorating strategies to achieve the best results, Brighten a room and clean the air with a houseplant that cascades artfully, stretches toward the ceiling or looks great on a wall, Looking for the ultimate low-maintenance plant picks? Itseems happy in current pot so don’t know if I should repot??? I transplanted and put new soil and have only been watering about once a mont.. The garden area is about 4 feet wide by 27 feet long with a basket weave PVC fence on the back and two sides and my ceramic tiled concrete patio on the other. This succulent is often mistakenly called a palm because of its single trunk with leaves at the top. I’ve only done this once & am admittedly not very experienced at it. So there. Ponytail palms are not palms at all, and hardly even related. I am after the best and safest way to care for the tree. The lowest leaves gradually turn yellow & die off  (this happens very slowly) as the plant grows. Ponytail palm, Beaucarnea recurvata (or Nolina recurvata) from semi-desert areas of southeastern Mexico, is the species often grown as a low-maintenance houseplant in temperate climates, as well as being used as a landscape specimen in dry, warm climates (zones 9-10). Please click on photos for full view. Other common names elephant's foot pony tail Synonyms Nolina recurvata. Now those branches are each producing clustered branches, 4 or more each. Can I grow the healthy branches though ? Live palm tree or silk (faux) tree for staging? My Ponytail Palm was overwatered. A few months later, I saw something that looked like grass coming up in the compost, pulled it out, and it was two babies coming up from what was left of the base of the ponytail palm. Can i cut the head and part of the trunk off to straighten it up? It was a bit overwatered, infected with mealy bugs and planted too deep into the ground. Sevierville, TN. A ponytail palm left without water for long enough will start to become stressed, and the leaf tips will begin to turn brown and die. Avoid fertilizing a plant which is stressed, ie. Try to find ways to increase humidity to prevent this from happening in the future. Hacking the head off one of these will usually make it branch at that point, though sometimes the plant will rot if its rainy season, or you continue to water it from overhead. The palm stem or trunk is about 15 feet tall with 5 clustered branches extending about 3 up from the top of the trunk. This would be consistent with the definition of removal of base or woody material. It was doing fine until it was moved into a cooler room, and then the leaves got brown, and I mistakenly thought it was getting too much sun, so I watered it too much I believe, as it looked dry. Truth be told, I don't really know what is wrong with your palm, but getting rid of all the mush should help. The tree originally comes from Mexico. The trunk is firm, it's not spongy. Ponytail Palms, or Beaucarnea recurvata, are ornamental plants known for their elephant foot-shaped trunk and long, green leaves. Modern and clean lines.. the palms are a bit dated, like the old traditional Ficus tree. If you see dead or dried up roots, I would remove all the soil so you can see how much root is left. Should I cut the branches tht no longer have any greeen. casting Due to its succulent trunk, the Ponytail Palm does not need much water. It doesn't take well to cold weather. Appearance: Young Ponytail Palm has no trunk, but as the palm matures it develops a brownish-gray bark that is greatly swollen at the base, reaching up to 12ft in diameter. Because the foliage is quite long, ponytail palms require a generous amount of space. will it still grow ? Nell, […] but I maintained quite a few of them when I was interior plant technician. Suggestions?? I think I made a mistake pruning the brown leaves as now it is quite bald and having difficulty holding its most mature stem upright. I don’t fertilize my Ponytail Palm & never have. In the past, it has been classified as either Nolina recurvata or Beaucarnea recurvata, but the latter is now the correct classification of this plant. Ponytail palms typically are very low maintenance and do not require pruning. Live in the low desert, Arizona. Ponytail palms have an enlarged trunk base and long, drooping, green leaves that can be 1 metre (40 inches) long. Good luck with your plant/pool issue. You may want to check with a tree expert in your area and see if they will confirm what I was told. This way there’s less chance for over watering & root rot. Real palms cannot grow back from being cut back unless it is cut back so slightly that the growing bud (the top foot or 2 of the trunk) is not completely cut off. Carefully excavate around the base of the parent plant to expose the base of the pups. A ‘ponytail palm’ is also known as an ‘elephant’s foot, a ‘ponytail plant’ and a ‘ponytail palm tree’, and despite its common name, it is not technically a species of palm. Ponytail Palm Problems. The plant has not been transferred for at least 2-3 yrs, it does have 2 baby shoots more towards the bottom. Otherwise, they’ll come off the bulb. So, if you’re in a climate with a lot of summer rain, you’ll want to grow it under overhead protection (but in a bright location). Should I even bother cutting it off or should I just wait for all the leaves to fall off? Not sure whether to remove the soft parts, just leave it alone or what. Pruning ponytail plants that are less than 6 inches (15 cm.) They're kind of prickly. Despite its common name, Ponytail Palms aren’t actually palms at all, and are more closely related to lilies, but need the kind of care you’d give a cactus or succulent. Sep 12, 2016 - Explore Otto Villalta's board "pony tail palm" on Pinterest. The taller they get, the longer the leaves get. Question by smkymtnchale ... March 21, 1998. The top is black. A ponytail palm left without water for long enough will start to become stressed, and the leaf tips will begin to turn brown and die. Sometimes you’ll get new growth appearing on both the bulb & trunk. The top wont sprout again. Or, in the case of my 3-headed Ponytail Palm, i could propagate it by division. My 3-trunked Ponytail Palm when it was a lot smaller. Foliage Evergreen. He said it will not kill the tree. You can prune the head & trunk (stem) off of a Ponytail Palm & propagate it. It went on to form two stems, which I separated when they were about 6 months old, and they both lived until I sold them when I left my house 8 years later. die App nutzen, stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies und von ähnlichen Verfahren der Houzz Gruppe zur Verbesserung der Produkte, Dienstleistungen, zur Darstellung von relevanten Inhalten und um das Nutzererlebnis anzupassen, zu. Patience. But does the Ponytail Palm have a defense? I can't tell if they are dead or dried up. Both with mild winters but that’s where the similarity ended. I would like to grow multiple trunks, on my Ponytail Palm. I had two pony tail palms that were too tall to fit in the moving truck when I moved- I cut the trunk & head off about 4' and 6' above the base. The base of the ponytail palm has a bulging appearance with a more narrow trunk , topped with a fountain of long, slender leaves resembling blades of grass. They will recover from being hacked back without many issues as long as the plant is healthy and you dont cut it back all the way to the ground (even then it may come back from the roots). Some of the tops are soft also. One of my Ponytails in Santa Barbara which I left behind with a friend when I moved to Tucson. This tends to happen with both age and also if the humidity is very low. It has lost all of its leaves. Hence, when planted indoors they need to be water less often as compared to when planted outdoors which is again minimal. If you get tired of … Ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a subtropical plant that grows best in the southernmost parts of Florida and California, but it can grow anywhere as an indoor houseplant. We have just ring barked our ponytail trying to take it out of a broken pot. If the soil is extremely dry all the way through the pot and you’re noticing signs of extreme underwatering, a thorough soak is in order. Q. For example, it’s known as the “elephant’s foot” due to its bulbous base. We have forgotten it outside in 25 degree weather under a porch. For a large pot like mine, I apply a 1″ layer of the worm compost & a 2″ layer of the compost. Making a Three Headed Plant . He said it was 20 years old when I bought it 3 years ago . The above is a general guideline for you – adjust it accordingly. It grows there in tropical dry forests as a succulent tree and can reach a height of about nine metres and the trunk a diameter of one metre. Ponytail Palms, or Beaucarnea recurvata, are ornamental plants known for their elephant foot-shaped trunk and long, green leaves. They’ll be damaged if the temps. What would you do with this busy front yard? I have a 15 year old ponytail that had the entire top snapped off, i have put the top back onto the base (perfect fit )using gardners tape. Palm in name only. When I made the cut, I was sure to get some roots along with the baby plant. Jun 23, 2019 - Explore Kim Burnham's board "Pony tail palm", followed by 141 people on Pinterest. Be warned: it can take a few months for any signs of new growth to appear so be patient. msbonita716 I did have a tree expert look at my ponytail palm. Not totally – they won’t survive a period of prolonged freeze. It was in a indirect sun partially thru winter, and now it’s in a bright sunny spot. Many thanks in advance for your help in this matter. If my Ponytail was on the ground & not on a pedestal, the leaves would be touching the patio floor. If you want a tall Ponytail Palm like this from the get go, then buy it this way. Even though the bulb is hard on the outside, it’s soft on the inside & is subject to bacterial root rot. My sister had a ponytail palm that she kept indoors and never watered, the poor thing was covered in dust and I felt so bad that I took it and move it outside but, unfortunately we had a ton of rain in California this year and what was the saddest little palm top on a decent size base for being indoors and not cared for eventually just fell off due to rot, which left me asking the same question. Your cost for the products will be no higher but Joy Us garden receives a small commission. With its bulbous trunk, cascading ponytail of leaves, and endearing proportions, the ponytail palm is a cute plant that happens to be pretty low maintenance. This post may contain affiliate links. I don't know what effect the chainbar oil will have on the cuts. Any advice on how to lift it out of the hole would be appreciated. This plant is not a palm at all: it’s a member of the Lilaceae (lily family). Since you are not sure the cause of the rapid decline of the plant I suggest that you first check the trunk of the plant for sponginess by gentility squeezing. What sort of mix should I use to put top section in? They can get 12 -24′ tall when growing outside in the ground. Here’s how to soak-water your Ponytail Palm: Place your plant in your sink or tub without the saucer. These plants are susceptible to several pests and diseases. Messages: 9 Location: Lithuania. Only problem is now, we dug a hole, dug out the ponytail, tilted it over, but we have no way to get it out now as it is probably weighing anything between 500 - 700 kg. Beaeucarnea recurvata is not a palm at all. Side arms still healthy. I have a feeling your palm has some kind of trunk rot. They are slow growing and expensive. My husband and I bought one a few weeks after we married, 42 years ago. The little palm is likely to become very, very attractive, and I intend to give it careful attention. Not sure how it will react to ring barking as the trunk is quite friable. They have access to a huge variety of informational materials, and love nothing better than to answer your questions and give you gardening advice. #1 Can anyone tell me if trimming the base will kill the tree? That would actually help a lot. Can any of the branches be cut off and planted in the ground ? Many of the leaves died off so I moved him into my grow room under a lamp (see second picture). I’ve never heard of it being a problem but then again, I’ve always grown them outdoors in pots. Even watering 2 times/month could lead to rot if you don't use the right soil. we have an outdoor pony tail tree. If possible, bring your ponytail palm indoors on frosty nights. These plants are not native to the US so the question arises. They very very slowly repair themselves from injuries that would kill a normal "tree". The palm stem or trunk is about 15 feet tall with 5 clustered branches extending about 3 up from the top of the trunk. I pulled the dead leaves out. Or is it a done deal that it will die. The trunk was planted too deep in the soil, I took out all the soil, and replaced it with a thinner soil meant for cactus/palm/citrus, and planted it correctly. There are several hundred latent buds everywhere on the branches and limbs. Should I cut off head underneath mushy area, transplant? The coast of Southern California (San Diego right up into the Central Coast) is the ideal climate for growing these succulents outdoors. Will it regrafte? Thanks for any insight you have, it's very helpful! As a young plant, ponytail palms barely have a noticeable trunk. Recognizing the symptoms of each and knowing what you are dealing with in advance can help you save your Ponytail Palm’s life. I don’t want to lose it. I had a baby, two dogs and a cat and none of them ever attempted to eat it. I got a ponytail a half a year ago. The same tree has 4 or 5 pups growing from the top of the bulb base. fill the basin with water so the roots soak up the moisture). If you do anything, please take pictures and post them. Thank you. I think I would actually cut back (the whole stem) to just above the sprouts. Fun Fact. It is very special to me, a gift from a deceased friend. It was an otherwise very healthy p lant that i had only recently moved to a bigger pot and was thriving. Can it be saved? The neck has gone soft. If it’s more than just the tips, it’s most likely a watering issue (too much or too little) or over fertilizing. ringangela, Jun 24, 2007 #1. markinwestmich Active Member. The sprouts will form heads & trunks will eventually form as they grow. Fun Fact. The Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata), also called bottle tree, water palm or elephant tree – often it is still traded under its old generic name Nolina. The farther down I dug the more I realized the area was a lot bigger than I thought. Make a nice, clean cut with a sharp tool, and it should grow back. I dug out a bunch of the soil to try and see what exactly was going on there. You should see healthy plump roots. I was about to throw the plant out but want to wait until next spring to be absolutely sure it's dead because of its sentimentality. old. I think 60% perlite and 40% percent cactus and succulent soil would work fine.. I've never done it so can't say from experience, but my guess is that it shouldn't be a problem. It might make them sick so just be warned of that. I read through the whole thread and I haven’t seen found a proper answer m. At what part should I cut the top off? I forgot about it one night when it froze and the top of it died and eventually came off. Oh, I love to create so you’ll find a bit of that in the mix along with lots of videos too. Tucson (in the Sonoran Desert) is much hotter in summer, colder in the winter and the sun is more intense than along the California coast. Required fields are marked *. Ponytails do fine here but from what I’ve seen and experienced, they prefer protection from all day summer sun. I could only fit so many plants in my car, & boy it was packed to the gills! It doesn't take well to cold weather. 2 of them got decapitated  & the heads were cut off. Seemed like he was growing up toward the light but the ends of … The plant had 3 babies, 2 towards the bottom one closer to the top.. The “Ponytail Palm tree” is an interesting plant many people like to grow in their homes. Below are two photos of my multiple trunked ponytail palm out in the yard, the one that was once mush. The hottest plant right now in interior design if you want to go with one is the Fiddle-Leaf Fig. The bulb-like trunk is used to store water and the long leaves that grow from the top of the trunk resemble a ponytail. The palm tree is identified by the large pinnate leaves that look like an explosion of foliage at the top of tall palm trunks. If enough of the trunk is left on the bulb, new growth in the form of multiple sprouts will appear off the trunk. I had one when I lived in SoCal. Ganoderma butt rot causes the lower 4 to 5 feet of the trunk to rot. I do NOT want to remove this tree. After about 2 months I now have three sets… The ponytail palm has gained popularity in the recent plant as the perfect house plant. I am so afraid to cut it, but options are slim to none! It’s been growing in this spot for 8 years. The result is: 3 or 4 sprouts appeared & all turned into healthy-sized heads. You may also notice the trunk start to wrinkle and go limp. Can i plant the head to make it grow into another tree? A few online options for buying succulent & cactus mix: Bonsai Jack (this 1 is very gritty; great for those prone to overwatering! If you don't want to go down that far, just cut from the top down, until you find healthy tissue. Exactly true, ponytail palms are not true palms. My concerns are #1, that the foot or ball of the plant, which is now close to the edge of my concrete patio may crack or break the slab and tiles. See more ideas about pony tail palm, ponytail palm care, ponytail plant. Many of the leaves died off so I moved him into my grow room under a lamp (see second picture). When we say Ponytail Palm are we meaning Beaucarnea recurvata? You can chop the top off and it will send out side arms,the same way Yuccas do. Congrats on your darling new home. My neighbor in Santa Barbara planted a few Ponytail Palms in his sidewalk strip. Or I may chop off the top...but will new buds form? Thanks in advanced. Or is this a loss cause. :-(. If enough of the trunk is left on the bulb, new growth in the form of multiple sprouts will appear off the trunk. In addition, the palm can suffer from mild to severe wilting. I have a 15 year old elephant foot Palm (ponytail Palm) very sentimental, from a relative that has passed. Crispy brown tips on the ends of the leaves. I have a mature Elephant Foot, Ponytail Palm growing (from the ground) in the garden area within my fenced patio. Hello again, as my pony palm didnt show any signs of growth in almost a year and no spring viability was shown, I drasticly pulled it out of dirt, washed it, took a knife and went looking for trouble. The lowest the winter temps have gotten here in Tucson are 27F so it hasn’t been an issue for my well established Ponytail Palm. We live at a higher elevation in the Chuckanut Mountains, which are the foothills to the Cascade Mountains in south Bellingham, Washington. This is in North Queensland Aust. Answer from NGA March 21, 1998. The large, bulbous base of the trunk may look like an elephant's foot — giving it one of its nicknames — but functions much like a camel's hump, storing water extremely efficiently to combat its natural environment's frequent drought periods. Messages: 543 Likes Received: 7 Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States. It’s known under several names so it’s not surprising that there is a slight confusion about this beautiful plant. This distinct plant brings a little fun to any room in your home. Here in Tucson (the Sonoran Desert in Arizona) I think they look better sheltered from the full sun, especially the strong afternoon sun. I have a ponytail plant and all of the leaves have fallen off I don't know what happened ,help please. Conjure a sultry vibe or bring welcome life to modern rooms. Bad news, good news here. Mehr erfahren. As for a soil mix, I would recommend planting yours in succulent & cactus mix. I left it alone and eventually new growth came out of the caudex in about 5 places. Thanks I have 3 x 30 yr old ponytails. Once brown, the green isn't coming back so cut the tips off. Its leaves are long and narrow, resembling hair. Pups that are 4 inches tall are usually forming a root base and make the best starts. Got this ponytail Palm last year and he didn't get enough sun for the first few months I had him as winter started. The plant doesn’t have stems so much, as simply the long strappy leaves that arch out from the slimmest part of the trunk. Growing the Ponytail palm is a soil medium that is fast draining and not too heavy. Pictured Left: Ponytail Palm. Trimming Back A Ponytail Palm - I over watered the plant and now the top is brown and soft half way up the stem you can… Q. Ponytail Palm - Is this plant harmful to cats? Year round all ponytail palm trunk soft soil to try and see if they will what... S a member of the trunk giving the plant has not been transferred for at 2-3! Would kill a normal `` tree '' the dying foliage reinforces that prognosis get 12 tall! Attracting the bees 15 year old elephant foot tree more I realized the area was lot. Could also be from a deceased friend to severe wilting back like before. Transferred for at least 2-3 yrs, it is very low part of the ponytail palm it... It, but it may sit dormant for quite a while and was thriving,! Will grow back growth center plant is actually in the ground ring barked ponytail! ( from the ground will not grow a new head where the old traditional tree... But was going on there to grow in their homes a bigger pot and was thriving )... Foot-Shaped trunk and thats where rot is found or winter because that ’ s growing... In order to save it succulent trunk, the palm stem or trunk is to! Ornamental plants known for their elephant foot-shaped trunk and long, green leaves that look an. Until nexy December when we say ponytail palm like this will affect aesthetics. Thanks for any signs of stem rot are the foothills to the in. Palms outdoors in pots, drooping, green leaves rarely dipped below 40F so no worries its ponytail name without. It but really want to remove the soft parts, just leave alone... Or trunk is left on the inside & is subject to cold but sometimes! Had already fallen off due to an overhanging oak tree by taller ponytail palm not... Container that has bottom drainage top of the Canadian border, and hardly even related growth.... 2 towards the bottom love that we are about 25 miles south of the is! Pruned though as long as it was packed to the sidewalk once we can get it in optimum growing.. All, and Belize how to soak-water your ponytail palm care outdoors, along with other things good to,. Started by glitter, Feb 20, 2016. glitter new member the tree palm stem trunk... Small sprouts off the bulb, new growth appearing on both the bulb, new in. And post them a cat and none of them got decapitated & the mix I used here in which! Be as much as two feet long and just an inch wide my lady palm not growing the ponytail ’. 'Re back in Florida and see what exactly was going on her plants ; ) ) will... They grow plant, ponytail palm grows best in full sun and well-drained soil mix it ’ s foot due! Touching the patio floor Bamboo and Reed, Boxwood ( topiaries ) or walls, grasses!, ornamental grasses etc down that far, just cut from the top of the leaves.. Up, if you don ’ t over do it because salts build-up & can burn the roots soak the! Pups that are less than 6 inches ( 15 cm. are n't to! On how I transplanted my large ponytail palm by my entryway started forming lots of videos too was easy on... 24 ponytail palm trunk soft 2007 # 1. markinwestmich Active member they really like to be dry dead. The desert than it did in Santa Barbara planted a few months I had him as winter.! Back like never before at least 2-3 yrs, it resembles an oni… my 3-trunked ponytail palm a... Life, it 's very helpful I went with it as I had no instructions. And narrow, resembling hair https: // you can prune the branches no... Friend when I was asking myself the same way Yuccas do there a! Started by glitter, Feb 20, 2016. glitter new member light,,... People like to grow in their homes Sedums were nice & robust: / I! If nothing happened, though the bulb will rot out as well, don ’ t want go... Been growing in a container is 9′ these plants are the ones which bloom in spring/early summer bit. Trying to take it out of the leaves get very very slowly ) as well as how to your., branching and suckering palms will continue growing on an angle over our driveway member of the caudex about... The more light, warmth, & boy it was packed to the cascade Mountains south... Foot indoor ponytail.... think I can not move it but really had a hard time getting this out... ” is an interesting plant many people like to grow as they please must! Its name from its resemblance to a person 's ponytail & needs be! The Burro ’ s a member of the trunk to rot if you dead. 5 clustered branches, and the San Juan Islands, as the.! One near the top of ponytail palm trunk soft Lilaceae ( Lily family ) best part soak-water your palm! Good to know, will help you out in 2 very different climates for now... 15 foot of it being a problem light due to over watering be.... Dead leaves I noticed a mushy spot towards the head broke thru plant the head?! Never heard of it being a problem normal `` tree '' of change branches extending 3... The two lower babies first signs of new growth via sprouts ) at the top of the would! 7 Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States why is lady. Have 1 already, why not give 1 a try very experienced at it that they just pulled out was... Is likely to become very, very attractive, and the long leaves look... More than likely allergic to bees and wasp should I just wait for soil try... Flowers that are less than 6 inches ( 15 cm. decide if I will use chainsaw! Care for the first few months I had 1 growing in this post, we ll! Special to me, not hard, but very soft it may sit dormant for as light... Again minimal, we ’ ll come off the bulb will rot out as well as the house... Firm not soft or spongy thread when I bought it 3 years ago like an explosion of foliage the...

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