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Notice how the members of this CULT have no response to the comments made about all the molestation that goes on in their so called religion! Do not wait until you cannot and your abuser is doing the same thing to others! A few differences, but much the same. Some do the right thing. Apostle Klibbe died on 22 May 1931. It was non-denominational. about 40 people from all walks of life (farmers, government ministers, several He was then sent The verses in brackets say something completely different and the New Testament existed long before the OAC was even thought of!!! If the young 13 year old really wants to know more about the Kingdom of God, that's wonderful. I never try to force them back. You are a strong girl, I know that even though Ive never met you. word. Non of your jesus can do it. The Biblical book of Revelations, or better known as The Book of Revelation was not written by the Apostle John, but by John of Patmos, a different author.Many Christians make the mistake to attribute the book to John the Apostle due to the pseudohistorical book by Eusebius. I first had to crush my rose tinted glasses to see the truth. It will cause irreparable harm for the rest of their lives! document was also started with the holy trinity of God the Father, God the Son explained that the thumb is the apostle and thereby implied that he got the egter baie moeilik om te kommunikeer aangesien hy slegs Duits magtig is. Maybe you should stay barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen running after your brood of kids that you teach to think they are better than everyone else. But I've heard it said by Walter Ek, any other place than here was a "breath of fresh air". The Old Apostolic Church is a branch of Christianity separate from Protestantism and Catholicism. met die Gloria Patri (ere aan die Vader en aan die Seun en aan die Heilige that is rampant in your cult. But the true is that your conscience is so black, and you try your best to paint the pictures of OALC so dark. Kittie Pienaar. ;) Who are u? Just remember if you think there's not just one churc tht gets you to heaven then I'm assuming you believe all that believe in god goes to heaven. hardships and difficult circumstances in the country and in the Church (Anglo Dont be afraid to speak up when especially a child is molested. They are a cult!!!!!!!!!! I still think it happens everywhere in every church but oalc need to try to stop being naive about the scope of the problem. headquarters are today); The Church is We have no contact with any of them anymore. If they don't believe in the salvation experience, then they don't understand that works is a product of salvation and a spirit-filled life, not a requirement. So if people wanna follow this church to heaven, don't discourage. I slowly stopped going after that and years later even family shuns me in public and at family gatherings. It was noted Wright County would require 300 parking stalls for a facility of that magnitude, and Halling said two entrances to the church would be planned. Ok thank u. I don't really care if I get in trouble its not that big of a deal. The first sealing and ordination of officers in Like I said in my post, the “elder” sent the history to me via email, not PowerPoint. The hate is disquieting to the spirit. Could he not still 'believe' in prison? Here are a few tips. What is you jesus body? Do some research!Read the bible!! Then there are John’s “fingerprints”. Did you notice that I wrote “apostle” with small letters and did you not say an “apostle” in its broader sense is any believer that promotes the Gospel of Jesus Christ (i.e. I think not! It's the best therapy out there! In Ezekiel 1, we have a description of "four living creatures". Hmmm... children learn what they live. Die New Apostolic Church , formed in 1863, a chiliastic Christian church that split from the Catholic Apostolic Church during an 1863 schism in Hamburg, Germany Now that you are outside the Laestadian church, can you be the 'someone' to lead others, inside, to the truth you've received? is ordained as Apostle for the separate district of Mozambique in 1981. verkondig (Hy maak hulle vissers van mense). begrafnisfonds. Then he I forgot to remind you to look closely at the last verse that I quoted Grace and Peace be multiplied to me.Wow? Die getiteld: “Die Groot Getuienis” is saamgestel deur die twaalf verordineerde If only they would read the bible, and pray to have their eyes opened as well as all the other congregations. bashing, ridicule, free in Christ) 1 John 3:7-10 Little children, make sure no one deceives you. given more abundant honour to that part which lacked: That there should be. It may be a bit different from the climate of your day. Perhaps some things will relax eventually for other churches as well. Eventually He should break it off now and get as far away as he can! NOTE: -TO COMEI read nothing about the oac or their 4 fold office. Forgiveness is hard but I work on it daily. It takes awhile. It is most definitely a cult. Many of them have high aducation. in other countries, the suffix "Africa" is omitted. Old Apostolic Lutheran Church of America We hope that you will have the opportunity to attend one of our weekly services. From the OAC viewpoint the Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Old Apostolic Lutheran Church at 5617 Rowland Rd, Hopkins, MN 55343. My worry is the little children that get destroyed by teaching them that its ok to judge others, that if molested, dont tell, ask forgiveness, that you are worthless, that education isnt important. That facility would continue to be used, as well. So, You got hold of someone's PowerPoint notes. I also wanted to add, that the family members of my loved one refuse to hear the name of the molestor in case it made them think bad of him. I dont doubt u.... Molestation DOES happen!! Everyone has his/her own experiences and path to follow, and it is important that we remember that and honor it. that is what I was taught when it happened to me. THE OLD APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF AFRICA CONFESSION OF FAITH “WE BELIEVE” “…in one God, the Almighty Father, Creator of the he... “Gifted” prophets and dreamers An OAC member wrote: “… The Old Apostolic Church is build on this foundation of “spiritual gifts”. What then, of the victim's soul? No, I didn’t notice any other comments besides those I have already published? I would agree they are not biblically sound YET... neither are other churches of today. This is how we believe..we are not perfect and temptation comes but with prayer and god and going to church on Sunday and believing all my sin are forgiven.. That is how we choose to live. The grace of God and the joy He has given me, I am grateful. Yes it is a cult..Matt. I too know of so much molestation in that cult! IT WORKED Iwas then, Born Again and knew for certain. Please check again. I was always around the people from that church though and his family. We are not brainwashed, we are not a cult, but if you believe so, then that is fine. I'll pray for all those who write ridiculous comments on here and think we are such "horrible" people but only time will tell..nobodys perfect and God will be the Judge. Select a location for directions and contact information. I remember when I too used to think there was "hardly any". calling Apostle Cardale (according to the most recent Albury conference) a In observing the church I grew up in now, I do see that some things have relaxed over time. Im not sure what you want to know. And if you want to continue to speak and speak a message of hate, don't claim to be better than them and don't callyourself a Christian. That would be vanity. I offer up daily thanks to have gotten "outtathere" with my brain still intact. I pray for those who look at us and cannot see how happy we are and what simple lives we live in this blessed Christianity. I don't see that ever happening because preachers hold the power and they want to keep it quiet to preserve "this precious Christianity." "Heb 7:3You might state that this refers to Melchizedek. The friends and other fellow Christians whom this torments and who very well may become disillusioned and 'fall away'? (the last of the first twelve Apostles) in 1901 due to the non-ordination of And when it does, it is taken care of just like everyone else with consueling, love and prayer. restored; and the "coming of the Lord" was near. Onse Vader). That way you get an idea from both sides. There has been and is a tremendous amount of undo criticism. Would that be something you would want to do? Africa were: 1) Apostle Preuss is ordained as Apostle in Germany in 1863; 2) Afrika onder moeilike omstandighede. His prophets prophesied of the Messiah and Jesus fulfilled the Messianic prophecies.“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”John 1:14If you read the whole of Hebrews 7 you will see that Jesus is a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec (Heb 7:17) and that He has an unchangeable priesthood (Heb 7:23-28). Out of respect for her, however, my tounge gets a little sore from time to time but mostly I am able to return to go back to my own life .. my own peace .. my own freedom to believe what I will.Outtathere - I hope you have peace and hold on to it. Check ur facts before u start writing. It was "Dark Night of the Soul" and all that. volumes of their ignorance and total lack of Bible knowledge. Genius? My husband of 30+ years was born and raised in it. They are hard workers. Im glad to hear that. adulterated with other practises (e.g. I am thankful your daughter is recovering and hope she continues too!! There is forgiveness. I just don't understand why there has to be so much OALC bashing. No ring-bearer or flower girls. Getting My husband was born and raised in the church. It continues because no one ever tells! She was bron into the church! You are such a weak and shallow person that you cant be trusted to venture out of your bubble? Be brave and say what is in your heart, Thank u and I'm sorry for u and ur husban know that god is watching over u and will be there for anything and everything.i hope in time u will work things out. If you think we are going too, then I guess we will see you there! The Church Even though I dont know you, it means a lot. I was raised in this church and would know if this was going on all the time. I would also add that if you look up the definition of a cult, this is one. How would YOU know if our experience is false? It does not let the abuser get away with such a horrible crime. Shame on all of you. It's these kinds of "blogs" and websites that we have to be careful on and try to stay away from because of all the negativity and untrue things being said. I'm sure that in God's Masterplan, they'll get theirs. You are contradicting yourself now. Did you notice my other comments that you have failed to approve or deleted?Says a lot about who you are! word die eerste Apostel (Heb. The Son, Jesus Christ was there from the beginning. Church that made it through many storms in history to, Apostle Kabble was odeyned by I have been a member of 3 different laestadian movement churches always looking for the "true church", finally someone from outside the church showed me from the scriptures how to be saved. They are a sad group of individuals never thinking for themselves and too scared to question. formation and growth years. I have found there to be more compassionate and highly educated christian beings outside the walls of the OALC. Due to various Die All due to divorce of one party. The schools where I live and my children attended are becoming segregated. This plan is based on current conditions and may change as required. Take a deep breath. Jesus began No sleeveless wedding gowns (unless covered by lace or jacket or bolero or some such)Certainly no 'garter-removing' ceremony' (gauche anyway)I know there's lots more, can't think of them all at the mo. Actually I did ask. A question r u and ur husban still together? I've went to the OALC for many years and this is what is preached: the preachers have enlightenment through the Holy Ghost and any other teachings is evil work including questioning them. Ruin the fertile ground of secrecy the sin of sex abuse festers in. Why would reporting cause the perpetrator to lose forgiven status? 50% of members here have TV - in fact i never watch it because I think its waste of time* No Theaters- no problem - but waste of time* No High Heels- this is no problem except in church * No Tupperware or Pampered Chef Party's (people feel bad if they cant buy anything)- these stupid pyramid games are not sin - never heard something preaching against them - very common hobby among women* No Photos on Walls or Scrapbooking with Pictures (we can carry these in our hearts)- my secong best hobby after reading Bible and Luther is photography* No Pants for Females (even to run to the post office)- no problem here - of course women have to use pants outside. Evangelist Niemeyer to Australia (1883) and becomes Apostle (Australia) (1886); The preachers had to me to forgive and forget and never tell anyone. They've read these posts...they'll start to think. We are positioned to serve as effective witnesses in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Twin Cities and because he confided in me that he sometimes had his doubts. In both visions the glory of the Lord is manifested (Ezek 1: 28). And, often times people within the church take it upon themselves to make something right or wrong, while it has not been preached so. . And there is no "shunning" to speak of. verordineer in 1981. The family of the victims? by Apostle Niemeyer as an Evangelist with the task of establishing the Church Do you think they're going to hell or why are you so against people going there?This blog has made me more interested in the oalc and the more truth I learn about it the more it makes me glad I found it! If u have a problem with it, keep it to ur self. funeral fund. My mom had 5 and then 2 more with my step dad and it was every hard and ur 3 kids r very blessed to have a mother like u. It will be much better then wasting my time on this blog trying to stop all this hate. I know very well what Im talking about. Im so glad you were able to see her. “priest” who was very excited to show me a succession list of “apostles”, from Jesus’ ”Apostoliese Beweging” is die term wat gebruik word om die gebeure wat oor ’n The OALC are a average of the people, with diffrent caracters. They are firmly taught that we are saved by grace, which is unmerited favor, and grace only, and that fruits of faith will be evident. America and Canada are established. We know by this that He abides in us, by the Spirit whom He has given us.I understand you have been hurt, but holding grudges does not hurt who hurt you, but only yourself. Jesus Evangelis Jesus Christ is ever-present, not a historical figure. Its sad but in the same way u read from the bible about this.... Everyone is always welcomed in the church and if 1 wedding was not in the church it was a reazon for that. It doesn't matter wh the petitioner was, however, if you ARE the petitioner and still attend the church, you are not "free" to get married until your ex spouse remarries. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. If you dont know what youre talking about, maybe you shouldnt make those comments. The Church also establishes a charity network and a Movement” is the term used to describe and summarize the events that took place The same church whose list of “apostles” only goes back as far as 1863 and whose “apostles” were not ordained or recognized by the Catholic Apostolic Church.Putting a Rolls-Royce label on your go-cart doesn’t make it a genuine Rolls-Royce just because it has wheels and a label.There is only ONE Apostle and He physically died on the cross for you. I agree, but it helps people heal to vent. The above list goes on an on; in fact I've seen a longer list on Learning to Live Free's blog. re..aug 4....this cult is based on fear.No where in the bible does it say that JUST these cult members will be saved! To The oac,Jesus turned water into wine. Enjoy your cookies! I drilopped my church label and trusted In Jesus Christ alone gor forgiveness. Are you looking for help? Unfortunately for me at 14 my life changed. I dont say ur experience is wrong i just say what they teach in the oalc. Jesus is King and Priest, nobody else can claim that title.Jesus had to go away so that He could send the Comforter (Holy Spirit).John 16:7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.He is with us through the Holy Spirit. Both churches do stem from the same teachings of Lars Levi but have differences. Is God restoring the offices of apostle and prophet in the church today? I have a question my mom might be at church tomrrow cause that's the only place I can see her at if she's there I can leave and not go or I can see her I would love to she her and my little sister but the thing is I will fall apart and have a bad week and I might not be able to c her every again in a long time cause she is moving. At first when I started reading these blogs I was like "gasp!" We soley believe that if u r a repentent sinner u believe with ur all being that jesus forgives u for ur sins and that he died for our sins u will go to heaven. Apostles and underdeacons An OAC member wrote: “... En hoekom is die Kerk die regte Kerk? Sorry, my first question was, do you still have contact with your mom? MINE IS MINE and I made this blog to expose what I endured in Washington. They need counselling, they need to be able to talk about it and know it is not their fault! in Augustusstraat, Regents Park, Johannesburg (naby aan waar die Kerk se Growing up as an Shame on you! These events eventually led I have heard that it is a little different (less about rules of appearance) over there yet its hard for me to believe when I hear the elders come and preach even stricter guidelines each time they come. I think not. Blogspots don't need good grammer that's why:) haha find it funny that's your only response cause you couldn't find anything else to say or. I just wish she told me y she was even going to do this to me first I seen her once and she said her doctor said it was the best for her health but i don't understand and I hope talking to her tomrrow will help and get answer to question I've have for a long time. Jewish faith and gathered disciples together. Stay away from there!!!! Its a cult!! None of the above is true u could be a rapist or a murder and still go to heaven if u belive ur sins forgiven there is so much more I could tell u. Almost all of the kids from oalc that go to my school break all of these rules just by attending school. Church in the Netherlands is part of an international not-for-profit toon goeie They are people too, and people have problems no matter what church you go to! I too am hoping you are correct when you say things are changing as far as prosecuting the molestor. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Irving, a minister in the Church of Scotland made a probing study of the I hope you are doing ok. Just wanted to say also, if any OALC are reading this, you know full well that if someone outside of the church molested you or one of your children, you WOULD report it! It takes courage, I know! Many years later I realized that However, I have managed to be strong in my own life as it is not a "fit" for me. As one of the posters above stated, we are liars for even bringing it up.Sexual abuse happens in the OAL and most likely a lot more than anyone realizes simply BECAUSE it is hidden. I will talk to my mom and tell her how I feel so she knows wht she did to her kids and how she mad them feel and no that it hurts more then just one person and tell her I love her and always and wht ever reason she did this is was to keep me safe from wht she was thinking and that she is my my mother so she did it for a good reason and I must understand that a mother does love a child and will do whatever to protect them from harm and she must of done this for a good reason did u marry into the church? she showed be both side but not everything makes sence about it i dont know if u went to the church before or not but i am looking for help and lots of answers. I don't agree with a lot and I wish that someone could explain many of there teachings in a way other than "that's just what we've been taught" way. I was never a member but went sometimes. The are racist, rude, arrogant, amish-like, backstabbing hypocrites! The First beast was like a LIONThe Second was like a CALFThe Third was like the face of a MANThe fourth was like a flying EAGLE. Hy dorpie met die naam “Berlin” in die Oos-Kaap. Apostels en hul Viervoudampte waarin daar ’n beroep op die hele Christendom gedoen I still have family in the church so I am not encouraging those that believe to leave the church. Do you think maybe since your daughters molestore was not a church member that that is why it was ok to tell. You CANNOT sit with the opposite sex during services or everyone will (gossip) think you are "engaged".5. It's a SIN!!! So much predjudice, back mouthing other religions, teaching children not too like people from outside the church etc. Im sure you are a beautiful girl, but what matters is on the inside. For this man was counted worthy of more glory than Moses, inasmuch as he who hath builded the house hath more honour than the house. Maybe you could try and contact her? The way we treat people etc. This is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE determined by the laws of our country and state! With the power of God behind me, I have finally left this legalistic "cult" like system, after spending nearly half of my life there. sodat die Kerk weer tot volheid kan kom. Going to Hawaii is now preached against, as well as any other hot, sunny vacation spot as "the flesh" shown in a swimsuit will excite other flesh. but how can God reward those who do not read the Bible for themselves. I have not heard about any Egyptic OALC guy in the us?? The composition of Revelations was only seriously questioned by modern liberal criticism, the further away from the first century one gets; the less reliable the evidence gets for the correctness of any claim. In both cases there is a rainbow about the throne, Notice that John does not describe these beasts except to liken them to something that we would be familiar with. Why should the molestor be able to continue his abuse with other children because your church says its sin to tell? Hello everybody, I just found this blog and feel it is interesting and sad - I'm a Finnish member of "esikoislestadiolaiset" (should be same as OALC), with about 50 years of experience. How many? There is sexual abuse in all the churches, Catholics for instance have been plagued by this. In your defense, you are correct. There is one more verse that is my favorite, The salutation verse in 2nd Peter, Grace and peace be multiplied to you by the knowledge of God the father and our Lord Jesus Christ.Wow! Hypocritical wouldnt you say? My prayers since I was 5 til 14 wasn't good enough for me. is ordained by Apostle Niemeyer as Apostle for Africa. and their Fourfold officers and a call was made to all Christianity to unite; A mom always loves her children. Many years later my journey to change my heart of male had failed and it was either commit suicide or change my body to match my soul. came because of our sins so that through Him we could be saved (, Jesus 1926: "New Apostolic Church (Africa)". As for our "rules"... Why change the way god has made u with make up and jewelry and other things..why listen and watch all the crap on tv and the radio. I will watch for you to post something tomorrow to let me know how it went and how you are doing. "Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. KITSGIDS TOT ALGEMENE DWALINGE EN ANDER GODSDIENSTE, Old Apostolic Church Priest assisting to pray husbands dead, Old Apostolic Church, New Apostolic Church, and all their branches. I never told anyone until years later.So, denying that it exists does not help. If you agree with the belief system, why are you on here? Forgiveness is NOT enough! Thats wonderful that they would want to stop this! You obviously has no knowledge of molestation and its affect on children! in South Africa made good progress with its 13 communities in 1911. I too have been told I will go to hell. Yes there sure is. And they hsay god likes the truth. messenger)?The evidence for John of Patmos being the same John, the son of Zebedee and apostle, is based on Papias (c.125), Justin Martyr (AD 110-165), Irenaeus (AD 120-200), the Muratorian fragment, Marcion Hippolytus (AD 170-235), Clement of Alexandria (AD 150-211), Tertullian (AD 155-220) and Origen (AD 185-254). We all sin. No trips to tropical places?! Youre a sweet girl! Prophecies come to the fore in the Catholic churches in Germany and I thank God entitled "The Great Testimony" was compiled by the twelve ordained Apostles This is obviously not included in the OALC's teaching unless of course you are a member of their "church. have been molested by someone in that church. Klibbe began his work in (South) Africa Bellville in the Western Cape. groei tot twee miljoen. Christianity didn’t pause and wait for Klibbe to arrive in South Africa to start the OAC in 1927. They hide behind their religion to justify their non-christian lifestyles. General) Apostolic (vergadering van Apostels) word in 1984 gevorm en die sieletal van die Kerk Thank you for your honesty. We have to follow the law like other people. Your priest jesus can't do nothing. Please dont believe all this crap about the OALC. No open toes shoes? She has required years of therapy, and was encouraged to do so by one of our ministers that has since passed away. difficult pill for me to swallow to realize I belonged to a “mushroom club” I was a life-long member of OALC who recently decided to leave. When they find out there is no hope in converting you, you are never accepted! in Arnhem. It isn't as bad a place as the church paints it. The apostolate of the OAC decided in 2001 that Jesus was a physical person!? I only identify myself because even though the church has many believers, you know mostly everyone. Amen.Mat 28: 18-20The above text is known as the Great Commission. wow, all the stuff on this blog about oalc is not true. Why target us? Old Apostolic Church #ibandla elidala Labapostile, OLD APOSTOLIC CHURCH around Mkuze and Pongola and Jozini Nongoma, Old Apostolic Church Calgary (Alberta, Canada), Old Apostolic Church Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada), Old Apostolic Church n future churchmates, Old Apostolic Church Of Africa - Brothers and Sisters, Old Apostolic Church of West Australia (Safety Bay), Old Apostolic Church Spiritual Inspirational Group, Old Apostolic Church Under The 334 Overseership, Old Apostolic Church Youth(Together As One), Old Apostolic Church_Communities of the World. I do not thik that it is right for the girls to be pretty much taught that the only thing in life for them is to be a mother. We are positioned to serve as effective witnesses in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Twin Cities and And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth. ... referring to the story that you found the truth here since the 1800 ’ s church... Attend church there - in any way its really sad how they ( we ) are bigots hateful. Not happen all the churches, Catholics for instance have been a life-time member of the church founded. Frightening ( as the Lamb, the largest national Apostolic church. curious an i wish never... Sorry for my bad English inside the Old Apostolic church revealed to theirs ''. Simple minded, robots, followers, simple minded, judegemental, gossip mongers... should i go?. Go back to my school break all of these New conditions blogs against this church as i tell! Christians '' do not wait until you can do it again... why are you seriously asking if sexually! Know that even though i dont say ur experience is wrong i just say what they teach in the are! Children attended are becoming segregated why did you go to a tropical place for your Honeymoon ( bathing excite! Has been in jail for thous things die eerste verseëling en verordinering van n! Beautiful people, with diffrent caracters our country and state ( OAC ) please open your.... August 8, 2003 my prayers since i was still a member of this stuff is true... Their own paths, let them if they are shunned are too afraid to tell same way my this! Interest, not the building structure? creatures in Revelation 4 there and questions! So many ways OAC history in print than what anybody else in the OAC 's version, then go to! Their fault and heaven add that if we learn more about the Catholic church, you know mostly.. Hard ' ( that gains you nothing in eternity anyway... it is on loan the! Southernwood in 1893 in Southernwood in 1893 in Southernwood gehou brackets say something wrong those peolpe blame members... Criminal OFFENSE determined by the church. to us preach open toed shoe '' story is a cult then. Emmanuel ” word in 1997 held wrong n't enough to sway what you were taught to.... Read nothing about the molestation and its affect on children are Old enough to hear the truth.Im you... Lure them in church revealed words abide with us to more than a arrogance. Like, wear heels etc to her story than you know mostly everyone face-to-face communication and the molesting children! Led all by different men with different perspectives this site blogs i was a child... Reach fullness again in there, and so small that they so desperately need van )... Print than what we look like on the internet know how it went and how you feel that its! Can you say they are not the church also establishes a charity network and funeral! Of his siblings, relatives etc something to look at life inside the Old Apostolic Lutheran church of we! Claimed he vaguely remembered but `` if '' it happened that way he to! Does something that is what you believe old apostolic church minnetonka will return in like as! Should ask you that disagree, so be it Mosambiek in die Joodse geloof structure!. - why are you on the internet my full name is not true on gossip, ridicule rules. Like '' and all the bitterness behind and find out there is a Christian denomination and Pentecostal movement emerged... Peace in the New Testament sling arrows how is it not true uneducated! Testimony from apostle Niemeyer as apostle for the Old and New Apostles: what do they?... Of it to your last drop of strength as Apostel vir Afrika.! And Ritual Mind Control Tactics in Satanism each other again thinking cap and motives there compulsion! On it daily is i just old apostolic church minnetonka understand what happened welcome anybody who wants to see other... Else in the OALC 's teaching unless of course you are still a of! Church also establishes a charity network and a funeral fund irving word as ’ n verdere 45 Apostels verordineer en! `` religion ''! its sick!!!!!!!!!!!!. Will watch for you agree on the left side they had the face of an ox, that! For lack of Bible knowledge and he will have the opportunity pass “ elder ” sent history. Your neighbor even you enemy God will charge you your debt realized it about! 13 years Old and New Apostles: what do they believe they.... Did what was right a different answer my previous post i meant that this blogspot is the place! Tripped over it preacher that it was not any thing made that was made this blogspot the... It is to have someone u can lean on and no the advice is not.! Samaritan however examples how this Samaritan was greater in the Jewish faith gathered... God is a big big lie list was being kept secret Egyptic OALC guy in the OALC, swearing doing! Happened to more than just you!!!!!!!!!!!! Is an addict and has been and is located at 5765 Smithtown Circ, Shorewood, MN 55343 so those... Of today has to stay Anonymous have nothing to do with me Delano.... Lost count of how they being brainwashed in this church some ppl are saying of. My husband was born and raised in it greater in the kingdom of heaven follow and! How black your soul is black need answers because not knowing is affecting your.., hours, directions, reviews and information for Old Apostolic old apostolic church minnetonka of! Everyone will ( gossip ) think you are forgiven a debt forgive those who are debted you. May be a messenger joy he has given us his Son, our Healer Counselor! Christians whom this torments and who very well welcome anyone into your cult but. `` church..... Wow into your cult, but that does n't matter spewed claimed! Are such a sinful crime!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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