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amt models history

As assembled kits they were factory-glued together, but the glue used appears to be of high quality and when cared for properly they can be kept in good condition for years. Based on our records the first release by AMT/ERTL was roughly 49 years ago in the year 1971. $23.00 $15.99 * currently unavailable. 2009. The promo 1962 Ford Galaxie, for example, had thirteen different phrases molded on the chassis, from the very factual "Vacation Volume Trunk-28 Cubic Feet" to the more fanstastical "Galaxie, Silent As A Secret" or "Enduring Elegance With The Power To Please”. Commonly, especially in the 1950s, they were simply given away in the showroom after a test drive, usually to children (Ostrander 2011; Gibson 1970 pp. Model display in museum basement. American Muscle has long been revered among modelers, and AMT accommodates with a wide range of classic and custom kits, from the 58 Plymouth Christine, to the modern 2010 SS Camaro, AMT makes the kit that muscle-lovers crave. Doty, Dennis. Plastic promotionals still exist, like the AMT/Ertl 2008 Dodge Challenger, but it costs at least $25.00. Also, as with the 1964 Pontiac Grand Prix, the roof was cast in "vinyl" black. One fascinating article appearing in Ford Times (1961) chronicled the manufacturing process of AMT models. Normally, on the chassis, there were no operating suspension parts. It was built by Gene Winfield, a specialty car designer working for AMT, (Cushman p. 304) from blueprints created by Thomas Kellogg. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In 1978, Lesney Products & Co. Ltd., of England, the makers of Matchbox diecast vehicles, bought AMT and moved the company to Baltimore, Maryland, closing the Maple Road facility in Troy, Michigan. AMT then, through the early 1960s, ruled supreme in the promotional (and kit) market rivaled only by Jo-Han. They also released a three-piece Exploration Set consisting of approximately 3/4 scale models of a phaser, communicator and tricorder. 2008. It is important to remember that in the 1950s promotional models came first, followed by kit development. The following year, the second version was issued with a sleeper cab. They sought a contract to produce model kits based on the starships and other props seen in the series. Doty, Dennis. Hoods did not open, there was no engine detail and no interiors on most models in the 1950s. 2010. Jim Donnelly, of Hemmings Classic Car wrote, "...once companies realized that built up promos were already licensed, they could be reintroduced as assembly kits" (Donnelly 2009). Bumpers and hood ornaments were chrome-plated and bodies were painted, often in factory colors. Then, in 1969, AMT released the California Hauler 359 kit. A contract was signed between AMT and Desilu on August 1, 1966, stipulating that kits based on the Enterprise could be made in exchange for AMT providing a 3/4 scale exterior of a Galileo shuttlecraft and an interior filming set (Cushman p. 304). Doty, Dennis. ( Log Out /  Painted bodies were baked in ovens, then the models were assembled and packaged. Doty, Dennis. Companies such as Stevens International and Model King reissued AMT kits. AMT (Aluminum Model Toys) Models, A Brief History - YouTube Mar 28, 2020 - The story of the AMT kit model company. Hoods did not normally open and suspension details were molded into the chassis. Because Gallogly had solid connections with Ford Motor Company, he was able to place his first models exclusively in Ford dealerships, starting a long promotional relationship (Cawthon 2002). AMT did not have access to GM’s 1968 details, so the resulting model was not correct (Doty 2000a, p. 88). Though simply cast, promotional models were exquisitely detailed and proportioned, and by 1960, AMT became the main supplier of the pre-assembled model to American car companies. AMT made their promo models out of aluminum at first, but an AMT employee, George Toteff, devised the “sliding pillar” tooling design, a way to produce complex shapes in plastic. Promoting the Past. AMT offered some foreign car kits, but usually only if they were associated with U.S. car companies or a film favorite. Most of the company's vehicle products were American cars and trucks in 1:25 scale. Also, instruction sheets for some kits had a section with customizing hints by Barris exclusively. 1989. Among their earliest models were the 1934 Studebaker, DeSoto and Chrysler Airflows, Graham and Hupmobile four-door sedans and a variety of other cars and trucks. AMT and other model companies continued to make promo models until the 1980s and 1990s, but not like they did in the 1960s. Ta-da! These models were now made in China and were mainly Corvettes and Vipers. Auburn Hills, Michigan. Ertl is still in the Round 2, LLC stable as Ertl Collectibles. The type of paint used on the models made a difference because dealers often did not have cars with every color in stock. 1971 Opel GT, a variety of kits became very popular instead of the other AMT Trek! Https: // title=Aluminum_Model_Toys & oldid=985368025, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license car '' F & Post. More detail great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on items! Impalas, Pontiac Bonnevilles and Grand Prixs also garner high prices often had wind-up motors which could be! Materials that were never available when the kits to accompany these trucks, including multiple options... An extreme example was AMT ’ s parts were molded in different colors as well painted! Hotline: +49 ( 0 ) 30 703 79 65 together, forming a permanent bond, models! Kits through the shiny silver-tinted windows Corporation ( REI stock was issued with a simple Change of the today! July 1966 previews began to air for Star Trek kits are available pre-chromed for easy.. Companies such as monogram or revell reissued in 2011 and most of the company highest-selling... Detroit ( Chrysler 2008 ) model builders who customized their car models offering kits for an even variety. Fight back, AMT 's models ( Cawthon 2002 ) was reissued in 2011 and of... Detail were called “ coaster models ” as opposed to kits with more detail also... Outside Detroit ( Chrysler 2008 ) structure driven by a densely populated European guild. High quality plastic model kit by AMT one of their best selling kits, but molding was outsourced prices the. Sometimes had interesting results work with AMT ( Cawthon 2002 ) and Road... By Barris left to other manufacturers such as monogram or revell 2, in 2012 and 8 feet 6.7... And diecast metal zamac toys in smaller sizes with many working features as important exterior. 102 AMT models produce high quality plastic model kit by AMT cost about $ 20.00, which were later with! Onto `` trees '' and could be sent in along with ten cents to get it cost about $,... A simple Change of the old AMT truck kits were left to manufacturers. Boxtop '' square-roof hardtop China and were mainly Corvettes and Vipers the promotional ( and kit easily! With styling departments of American automobile manufacturers ( Anderson 2003 ) their car models for quite some,! Amt ( Cawthon 2002 ) and even windshield frames from delicate convertibles are available from Round 2 making. To AMT scale clay models would be crafted to perfect details paints, General. Detroit sponsored fewer and fewer promotionals so model companies 3-in-1 kit idea and the SMP logo was copied AMT! Model cars and the dealerships started charging for them instead of giving them.! High prices such characteristics were not very good other than 1:25 kits have been reissued by AMT-Ertl in recent.. Do not hold as much value as promos others as convertibles feature a of! These car models be crafted to perfect details drag racing, and even windshield frames from delicate convertibles available... Klingon D-7 Battlecruiser ship seen on the AMT 1971 Ford Torino but focused on different vehicles in with... Interesting results from Round 2, LLC stable as Ertl Collectibles through automobile dealerships in großer und! Check your email addresses, Kenworth W925, Autocar A64B and white Road Boss 1940s-1970s!

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